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De Pårørende får premiere på TV2 12. januar 2021.

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52 min. dokumentar med støtte fra TV2
Instruktør: Vibe Mogensen
Producer: Vibeke Vogel

Der er en ekstrem usikkerhed ved at leve tæt på og elske et psykisk sygt menneske, som kan svinge i sit sygdomsforløb og for eksempel blive selvskadende eller udadreagerende. Og det overbelastede system kan have mere eller mindre plads til at hjælpe. Psykisk sygdom er blevet Danmarks nye folkesygdom nummer et, men alligevel er den fortsat forbundet med tabu. Denne film er blevet til i det ellers helt tavshedsbelagte terapirum, hvor fem forældre til psykisk syge voksne børn mødes for at lære at leve med deres vilkår. Børnenes diagnoser er forskellige, men den belastning, som deres forældre lever med, er den samme: De er bundet til børnene i kærlighed og sygdommen er langvarig, måske kronisk.


A mother and daughter confront the past after years of civil war, but end in the difficult dilemma between reconciliation and political ideals.

The film is available for steaming with Danish subtitles on DRTV.

One-off creative Documentary
Expected release: November 2019
Director : Tanja Wol Sørensen
Producer: Rikke Tambo Andersen
Production Company: Bullitt Film ApS
With the support of New Danish Screen and DANIDA

Synopsis: When a peace agreement between the FARC rebel movement and the Colombian government looks like it will put an end to half a century of conflicts, 30-year-old Yira visits her mother in Colombia after spending 10 years in exile in Cuba. Yira has herself become a mother and wants to give her daughter the family she never had. She confronts her mother, Ruby, with a neglected childhood in the shadow of her parents’ political struggles and persecution. She wants her mother to join her in exile in Canada, so that they can finally be together in safety. But Ruby can’t let go of her political ideals and choose her family instead. It is not just Yira’s childhood that has been sacrificed. She has also sacrificed her own life and safety to such an extent that she has to drive around in an armoured car, constantly protected by armed guards. As the peacetime death toll continues to rise, Ruby is faced with a difficult dilemma. If she chooses her daughter, she gives up on her people.


Creative one-off documentary, 2020
Director Lars Emil Leonhard
Cinematographer Lars Emil Leonhard
Sound Design Sune Kaarsberg
Editing Lars Emil Leonhardt & Brendan Cooney
Executive Producer Vibeke Vogel
With Brendan Cooney, Ida Buhl, Hannah and Luke

Born in the US, Brendan was an adventurous anthropologist who used to travel around the world to study foreign cultures and people. Right until he met Ida, the love of his life, in Denmark and became the father of their child. Unable to find a job in Denmark, Brendan finds himself on a parental leave with a wild toddler, while his wife brings home the bacon. It´s a new role and a relationship that completely absorbs him, isolates him and rips him off all of his previous identity as a cool American anthropologist and intellectual traveler. Being a daddy is a full-time job and it´s overwhelming to handle bringing up his energetic, ever-exploring, hungry baby daughter, Bird. When his second child Luke arrives, the everyday chaos and workload has Brendan see his own mother who abandoned the family when he was little, in an entirely new light.

“Daddy” takes that state and experience to a surprising level, both because it´s seen from the father´s perspective into a world that is still dominated by women, and because it´s told by a person who is a stranger to the Danish society and language.
As they throw themselves into it, the life, the toddlers and their dad, each with their own specific perspective, a relationship and bond emerges right in the middle of stressed morning routines and fatigue.

“There should be another word for this than love”, says Brendan, as he explores streets, benches, parks and playgrounds in Copenhagen with Bird and Luke, facing that this relationship challenges everything he ever was and knew.


“What do you see in my future?”

The film is now available for streaming at Ekko Shortlist.

Documentary short film, 15min, 2020 
Victoria Salomonsen
In collaboration with: 
Alexander Brask
Clara Trier
Anders V. Christensen
Sound mix: 
Roar Skau Olsen
 Percy Deleo and Elija Andersen
Bullitt Film
Supported by: Snabslanten

They are in a relationship, they live together in the suburbs of Copenhagen and they engage in the Japanese role-play form: Cosplaying.
I Am An Other is a short film based on a passionate relationship. It takes place in two universes – them as themselves and them as their characters. Their pillow talks are geeky and filled with inspiration for the upcoming characters. Their lust for each other and for the artform is special and it’s clear to see, that their universe is built by them, for them. A very personal world.


They were sworn enemies, but ended up in power together

Click here to stream it with Danish subtitles.

Creative documentary one-off, 94 min., 2019
Director: Karen Stokkendal Poulsen
Producers: Vibeke Vogel & Valérie Montmartin
Cinematographers: Sturla Brandth Grøvlen, DFF; Troels Rasmus Jensen, DFF; Talib Rasmussen, DFF
Editor: Giles Gardner
Sound Designer: Peter Albrechtsen
Composer: Uno Helmersson
Associate producers: Moe Thway, Aye Lae, Joshua Min Htut
Produced with support from: Det Danske Filminstitut, Creative Europe Development support, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Danida, DR, VPRO, SVT, RTS, NRK, CNC, PROCIREP-ANGOAA co-production with Little Big Story og ARTE FRANCE

Awards: CPH:DOX 2019 –  Nominated for Best International Documentary

Festivals: CPH:DOX 2019

On the inside of a military dictatorship:

The film tells the story of how the military of Myanmar stepped into the shadow after 50 years of dictatorship, while the democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi, who the military had kept in house arrest for 20 years, became the leader of the country. The story is unusual because the two parties keep having a strange grip on each other: the military with their control of the countries’ resources, Aung San Suu Kyi with her control of the people. It’s the story of how power struggles unfold and how political enemies can end up being closer than the ones they claim to fight for: the people. They play in the same field and get to know each other on close hold and it changes them. It is a two-egged sword, though: compromise can be the way forward to reconcile a painful past. It can unfortunately also be a way of trapping each other and leave the visions behind. In Myanmar it is a complex mix of both.


For information på dansk se under presse her på siden, eller på filmens egen hjemmeside

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One-off creative documentary
Expected release: June 6th 2019
Director: Mads Kamp Thulstrup
Cinematographer: Henrik Bohn Ipsen, DFF
Editor: Peter Winther
Sound: Troels Kristensen
Soundmix: Kristian Eidnes Andersen, Jacques Pedersen
Composer: Kristian Eidnes Andersen
Line producer: Sophia Jacques
Co-producers: Emil Johnsen, Thor Hampus Bank
Producer: Vibeke Vogel

A Co-production with GotFat Productions
With the support of TV 2 Denmark/ Danish Film Institute/ Den VestDanske Filmpulje

Speak: Svend Gehrs
With: Ole Olsen, Erik Gundersen, Hans Nielsen, Jane Davies, Alice Nielsen, Helle Gundersen

Synopsis: Fall of Kings illuminates a time, where the world of sport were made of the stuff of fairy tales, where anyone with the right determination could rise from the grime of the gutter and end up the king of speedway. This documentary is about the passion that lies behind the sport, about the smell of burning methanol and the sound of engines revving. It tells the story of a moment in the history of Denmark which coloured a decade as well as a nation. In the 1970s and 80s the uncrowned king of Danish speedway was Ole Olsen, but the two crown princes, Erik Gundersen and Hans Nielsen right behind him to be the next to take the throne.  The story of the unexpected rise of Danes on the International speedway scene is about the close relationships formed between three men, which turned from friendship to rivalry. The film takes on a dramatic journey driven by these men’s ambitions to be the best.


Winter’s Yearning is a cinematic film about dreams, lives on hold and the human capacity to rise again.

One-off, Creative Documentary, 77 & 52 min
Directors: Sidse Torstholm Larsen & Sturla Pilskog
Cinematograher: Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Editor: Åsa Mossberg
Sound designer & Mixer: Niels Arild
Music by: Sebastian Öberg
Colorist: Mats Andersen
Producers: Sturla Pilskog & Are Kvalnes Pilskog
Co-producers: Vibeke Vogel, Emile Hertling Péronard & Inuk Silis Høegh
Produced by Blåst Film (Norway)
Co-producer: Bullitt Film (Denmark) & Ánorâk Film (Greenland)
International Sales & Distribution: Cat & Docs
Supported by Norwegian Film Institute, Western Norway Film Centre, Danish Film Institute, Fond for lyd og bilde, EU MEDIA, The Greenlandic Self Rule Government, Zefyr Media Fund, Freedom of Speech Foundation, KNR (Greenlandic Broadcaster) & DR.
Developed during NFI:LAB Til Forum 2013, EDN:Twelve for the Future 2014 & EURODOC 2017

When the American aluminium giant ALCOA decides to build their next aluminium plant in Maniitsoq, Greenland, the citizens of the small finishing town have high hopes. Could this be the first major step towards Greenlandic independence? But as years go by and ALCOA is nowhere to be seen, the people of Maniitsoq fall into a state of waiting. The future has been postponed, but for how long?

A social worker, a young woman, and the town’s aluminium coordinator are the main protagonists in this portray of a small society that yearns for change and progress. A progress that in the end comes from an unexpected place.


Stars in their field, but outcast in their country.

Click here to watch it through the Danish streaming site Filmstriben.

World premiere at Hot Docs 2018 and in competition for Best International Documentary, Emerging Director Award & Audience Award at Hot Docs 2018.

Creative documentary one-off, 80 min., 2018
Director: Hind Bensari
Producers: Vibeke Vogel, Habib Attia
Editor: Sofie Steenberger
Sound Designer: Roar Skau Olsen
Composer: Tin Soheili
Produced with support from: Doha Film Institute, International Media Support, DANIDA, Creative Europe, Fonds Image de la Francophonie, Film Workshop / Copenhagen, The SANAD Fund

A co-production with Cinetéléfilms in collaboration with Disconnected Films Morocco

Nominated for Best International Documentary, Emerging Director Award & Audience Award – Hotdocs 2018

Hot Docs 2018

We Could Be Heroes:

When Azzedine Nouiri comes back home to Morocco from the London Paralympic Games with a gold medal and world record, he thinks his life is about to change and he will finally have the means to build a bright future and feed his family. However, he is instead immediately forgotten by the federation and the government who deny him the right to a salary, social care and even the right to train in his city’s athletics stadium.

But at the same time, he becomes the symbol of success for Youssef, a mentally disabled illiterate boy who has been isolated all his life and would now love to take the plane for the first time, see the world, be seen. Motivated by his fight for social justice, Azzedine takes Youssef under his wings with the aim of making both of them reach the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. This unusual pair’s journey ends up being less about sport and more about the pains and the joys of their struggle to exist as men in a society uninterested in elevating those who are different.

In the face of the challenges they encounter, “We Could Be Heroes” casts a deep introspective into Moroccan society, and the need for those who are marginalised to be loved and accepted to feel worthy.


A film about grief and those left alive.

The film can be watched on DRTV or Filmstriben in Denmark.

One-off creative documentary
Release: 2018
Instruktør: Cille Hannibal
Producer: Rikke Tambo Andersen
Executive Producer: Vibeke Vogel
Cinematographer: Frigge Fri Volander
Editor: Cathrine Ambus
Composer: Signe Lykke
Sound designer: Sune Kaarsberg
Consultants: Nicolai Howalt & Michael Madsen

“Den nat vi faldt” is a film about the relation between a mother, who just lost her life companion and her daughter, who lost her stepfather and mentor. The film documents how they deal with the grief and how their relationship is changing in the emptiness he left behind.

Mette’s life is changed in an instant, when her husband, Per, dies in a tragic accident. To have a reason for being around her mother, the daughter and film director, Cille Hannibal, picks up her camera and starts recording. This is the beginning of an unpredictable journey through grief. We experience how Mette’s body in one moment is falling apart and the next she is trying to defy life with action and strength. We experience with her how the presence of nature is much stronger; sometimes it is quiet and opaque; sometimes it shakes you and howls. Mette is looking for signs of something bigger, a purpose or meaning: A song on the radio that reminds her of him; a dream to convince her, that he is all right.

The smell when the seasons are changing, last fall he was alive and now he is dead. This is the state of flux and stasis depicted in ”Den nat vi faldt.”

Selected for CPH:DOX 2018 in the Nordic:DOX AwardCompetition, and Visions Du Reel International Medium Length and Short Film Competition

Buy the film: contact producer Rikke Tambo Andersen by email:  / Køb filmen: til undervisningsbrug eller ligende: Kontakt Producer Rikke Tambo Andersen, via

STAY BEHIND – my grandfather’s secret war / STAY BEHIND – min farfars hemmelige krig

Watch on Danishdox at here
Read interviews with the filmmakers and discover lots more about the film here

One-off creative Documentary, 90 min., 2017
Directed by: Ida Grøn
Producer: Vibeke Vogel
Cinematographer: Henrik B. Ipsen, Ida Grøn
Editor: Anders Villadsen
Composer: Roger Gouda
Production: Bullitt Film & GotFat Productions
Production Company: Bullitt Film ApS
International Sales: Rise and Shine World Sales
With support from: Danish Film Institute, DR TV, Vest Danske Filmpulje, Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Additional support: YLE, UR, RUV

Nordic:DOX 2017 Nominee

CPH:DOX 2017

One trace after the other indicates that Ida’s 94-year old beloved Grandfather, a respected dentist from the province and a freedom fighter under the occupation of Denmark, worked directly under the CIA during the Cold War in Denmark. It´s not something he´s willing to admit to, though. This is a family affair with global wings, high stakes and big surprises.

Why did Otto sleep with a loaded gun right next his bed until he dropped it in the sea in 1982?   How come he and his soulmate Dagmar took off to the USA in 1952, leaving their new flourishing dentist business behind to spend a year that they´ve forgotten all details about? And why is the traumatized Polish hitman, Jan, who admits to have served secretly under the CIA on Danish ground insisting that he has known and worked with Otto during the Cold War? These questions, along with the findings of a secret archive in a basement downtown Copenhagen, are what Ida sets out to learn more about.


Winner Dox:Award 2018 at CPH:DOX, directed by Marcus Lindeen

One-off Creative Documentary
Release: 2018
Director : Marcus Lindeen
Producer : Erik Gandini
Associate Producer : Juan Libossart
Co-producers : Vibeke Vogel & Gabriel Stavenhagen (Piano, Mexico)
Executive Producer : Jesper Kurlandsky
Production Company: FASAD AB

Synopsis: In the summer of 1973, five men and six women embarked on a 101-day scientific sea-adventure, drafting on a small raft named “Acali” across the Atlantic. In a experiment initiated by Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genovés, the group set out to explore the origins of violence and the dynamics of sexual attraction. The eleven members of the crew were handpicked from around the world with the aim of mixing religion, gender and nationality to maximize friction on board.

Genovés called the expedition a ‘ Peace Project’ but it did not take long for the international press to rename it ‘The Sex Raft’, a nickname which still upsets some members of the crew. As leader of the experiment, Genovés had hoped to be able to report on his human guinea pigs, telling tales of orgies and violent conflicts, but it seems that the outcome was very different. Instead go fighting or having sex, the group slowly turned against him. Mutiny was discussed and at one point there was even a plan to kill him.

Today, more than forty years later, the surviving members of ‘The Acali Expedition’ reunite in a film studio in Stockholm, board a reconstruction of the raft and tell the hidden story behind what has been described as ‘ one of the strangest group experiments of all time.’

With the support of: Swedish Film Institute, SVT, Film i Vast, Danish Filminstitute, DR 2, VPRO. YLE, NFTF

SUME – the sound of a revolution / SUME – mumisitsinerup nipa

The rockband that changed the history of Greenland

Stream it here.

The first international feature documentary film from Greenland that deals with the nation’s uprising after 250 years of colonial suppression. Part of the Panorama section at the 65th Berlinale Film festival and winner of the ImagineNATIVE awards for emerging talent and emerging filmmaker in 2014. Read more about Sumé at the homepage:

Documentary one-off, 76 min., 2014
Inuk Silis Høegh
Emile Peonard, Vibeke Vogel
Per K. Kirkegaard
Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Produced by: Anorak Film
In collaboration with: Bullitt Film, Jabfilm
With the support of: DR v/Mette Hoffmann Meyer, SVT v/ Emelie Persson, NRK v/ Tore, Tomter, KNR, Grønlands Selvstyre, Norden (NAPA), Nuna Fonden, Nordisk Film- og Tv-Fond, Nordnorsk Filmcenter, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Royal Greenland, SpareBank 1, Nord-Norge, Ulo Records, SDI Media, Kong Gulerod Film, Wildersgade Filmhus

The Jane Glassco Award for an Emerging Filmmaker 2014
The Cynthia Lickers-Sage Award for Emerging Talent 2014

65th Berlinale
CPH:DOX 2014
Greenland eyes film festival 2014
ImagineNATIVE 2014
Available lights film festival 2015
Beat film festival 2015
Eurodok film festival 2015
Kosmorama film festival 2015
Maoriland film festival 2015
Shorts and docs film festival 2015
Titanic Budapest International Film Festival
Victoria film festival 2015

The Story of Sume is a unique account of the four young students who released Greenland’s very first rock album in 1973. And went on to lead their people’s first uprising against the Danish colonial powers. The film centres on Sume’s two charismatic front men – and the conflicting ambitions that would eventually tear them apart. And it tells a classic coming-of-age story about the world’s biggest island overcoming an even bigger inferiority complex.


An EU negotiator must battle two fierce opponents, juvenile antics and one bloody history in this undiplomatically comic exposé.

The Agreement received a special commendation Prix Europa and nominated at Hot Docs, CPH: DOX, Tempo and it was screened in the United Nations. To buy the DVD go to our SHOP or stream online from VIMEO ON DEMAND or DANISHDOX

Documentery one-off, 58min, 2013
Director: Karen Stokkendal Poulsen
Producer: Vibeke Vogel
Editor: Anders Villadsen
Cinematographer: Sturla Brandth Grøvlen,  Lars Skree, Balthazar Hertel
Produced in collaboration with: Klaffi Productions
With the support of: The Danish Film Institute, DR TV, Finnish Film Foundation, ZDF/ARTE, YLE Co-productions, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, MEDIA,  Europanævnet, VPRO – Television, SVT, Knowledge Network, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sales Agent: DR Sales, Kim Christiansen,

Dragon award nominee for best Nordic Documentary 2014 – Göteborg international film festival
Hotdocs 2014 nominee
Silver Horn nominee for Best Medium-Length Documentary at the Cracow Film Festival 2014
F:ACT Award nominee at CPH:DOX 2013
Special commendation – Prix Europa

CPH:DOX 2013
Tempo Documentary Festival 2013
Hotdocs Film Festival 2014
Göteborg International Film Festival 2014
Dokufest Prizren 2014
One World Film Festival 2014
Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival, 2014
Raindance Film Festival 2014
Vilnius International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, 2014
AFI Docs 2014 /Silverdocs Official Selection

Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts (CRIC), University of Copenhagen 2013
United Nations 2014
Frontline Club, London, UK, 2014
Folkemødet, Bornholm, DK 2014

World history is in the making when EU chief negotiator Robert Cooper has to settle an agreement on stabile co-existence between Kosovo and Serbia. Stakes are high but in spite of the seriousness of the negotiations, they turn out to be surprisingly funny and carried out with style and charm by these three fantastic characters. It’s the last territorial conflict of Europe and it’s crucial for the EU to prove its ability to make peace in its own backyard. This is diplomacy behind the scenes.



Looking beyond statistics, the intimate stories of African migrants trying to make it to Europe. A film about longing for a better life across the Mediterranean Sea.

Days of Hope shines a light on the complex situation and perils of migration to Europe. It won Best Documentaty at Raindance 2016. You can watch Days of Hope HERE or buy the DVD from our SHOP.

Documentary, 75 min., 2013
Director: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen
Producer: Vibeke Vogel
Photographer:  Minka Jakerson, Niels Buchholzer
Editor: Jeppe Bødskov
With the support of: New Danish Screen, DANIDA, Danish Ministry of Education , MEDIA, Danish Film Directors
International Sales: Journeyman Films,, Lucy Matthias

Best Documentary, Raindance Film Festival 2016
Best documentary by Politiken, Danish national newspaper, 2013

CPH:DOX 2013
Raindance Film Festival 2014

In the coastal town Nouadhibou, Mauretania in Westafrica we follow the people, dreaming and longing for a better life far away from Africa, hoping for a new beginning in Europe. Daily we are confronted with the pictures of desperate boat-refugees, risking their life to escape a miserable life. With this film we get a different perspective. Its about dignity, longing and seeking, with real people who are on their way. In three different places we meet them; the young artist from Mali, who has left his family, trying to supply them from far away, the group of young men sitting and waiting at a sad asylum center in Italy, trying to imagine a life outside the walls in an inhospitable Europe. At last in Copenhagen, where two women almost did it, another kind of emptiness and detained desperation arises. The crucial money hunt is eternal, they need to make a living here and still take care of the ones who stayed behind.


In beautiful filmic tableauxs director Saskia Bisp invites her audience to places where gender isn’t a predifined condition.

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One-off documentary, 45 min, 2009
Director: Saskia Bisp
Producer: Vibeke Vogel
Cinematographer: Minka Jakerson
Editor: Åsa Mossberg
With the support of: New Danish Screen

Winner of the Audience Award 2009, Cph Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Cph Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2009

Nobody Passes Perfectly is a subtle, humoristic and thought evoking film about the courage to change oneself radically. In beautiful filmic tableaux, debut director Saskia Bisp invites her audience to places where the gender isn’t a predefined condition, dictated only by biology, but a very personal part of the self that can be challenged, investigated and altered. Meet Tomka who is right in the middle of such a process. He lives in a very loving relationship with his Lesbian girlfriend Lotte. Together they try to imagine what his transitioning will mean for their relationship. And meet Erik, who was once a heterosexual woman, and has finally decided to live his life as a man.


There’s a thin line between solid desire and all the things that threathen the heart

You can buy the DVD in our SHOP or watch the film HERE.

One-off Documentary, 50 min., 2008
Director: Tine Katinka Jensen
Photographer: Gabriel Diaz, Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
Editor: Adam Nielsen
Sound Design: Steffen Breum
With the support of: The Danish Film Institute, DR TV, Nordisk Film & TV Fond & YLE Co-productions.


CPH:DOX 2008
Nordisk Panorama 2008
Odense Film festival 2008

Filmed in Chile over the course of a year, this film follows two young women. They both have the same name and both struggle to get a decent life and a sweetheart they can count on. The dream is simple but hard to fulfill: To have a roof over one’s head and a floor under one’s feet. To have a husband who’s clean and a door that can be locked at night. This is the story of Solange. A mother of two children, who earns her living on the tips she gets for guarding parked cars in the downtown streets of Santiago. She’s 22 years old, cheeky and intense. And it is the story of Solange. A beautiful young girl who lives with her family in the hills that surround Valparaiso. There’s a thin line between solid desire and all the things that threathen the heart: Solange on love.