Welcome to Bullitt Film! 

We are committed to creating truthful, cinematic documentary films with a strong political or social dimension. Our stories are framed by artistic visuals and focused on giving characters a voice as well as directors room for expression. We are driven by the urge to share and uncover stories that create debate and instigate change with audiences in Denmark and internationally.

Our films have been shown at many different kinds of events, depending on their focus and aim. Many of our titles have premiered at international film festivals including IDFA, CPH:DOX, Berlinale and HotDocs; have been shown on television and online platforms in territories worldwide and been an important part of the content at events such as ASIL Washington and Roskilde Festival or clubs such as Frontline.

We are based in Copenhagen and collaborate with a wide range of local and international funding institutions, television broadcasters, distributors and online platforms.

Bullitt Film was established in 2007.


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