Vibeke Vogel

Managing director and producer

Vibeke has worked with moving images as a producer and curator for more than 20 years and has introduced Danish talents such as Max Kestner (Max by Chance, 1st Appearance Idfa) and Karen Stokkendal Poulsen (The Agreement, F:ACT/Cph:Dox and Prix Europa Spec Commendation) to the international film world, alongside working with film makers such as Charles Atlas (Turning) and Anne Wivel (Land of Human Beings). Her starting point in the business was in video art, and she has curated several shows focusing especially on American artists, in Denmark and the Nordic countries. She holds a master from Film and Media Studies, Cph, and a bachelor in arts/culture leadership, University College Sjælland. Born in Sweden.

Tel.: 0045 2612 5001

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Rikke Tambo Andersen


Rikke is a producer and has been working with Bullitt Film since 2009. She has produced several music videos, documentaries, feature lenght and short fiction films. She was selected as one of Emerging producers at Jihlava Documentary Film Festival 2016. She produced the documentary Morving Target (Hotdocs 2016) and the feature lenght fiction film Kærester.
For Bullitt Rikke coordinates all our post-production and is responsible for all our technical equipment, handling recording.
She holds a BA in Film and Media Studies and MA in Management of Creative Business Processes as well as graduating from Super16 as a producer in 2016.

Tel.: 0045 4037 3031

Margaux Gillett

Production manager

Margaux has over 15 years of experience in the film industry between Denmark and France. She began her career in Paris as a continuity supervisor for fiction films. In 2011 she  graduated with a BA in Production Management for animation and documentary films, from Gobelins, l'école de l'image. Seven years ago she moved to Denmark, where she's been catering to the animation and documentary film communities by producing B2B events, professional training programs, project development platforms at CPH:DOX, Nordisk Panorama, The Animation Workshop and now films at Bullitt films. Her projects often have a cross-disciplinary and international angle and have been funded by Creative-Europe and Unesco among others.

Tel.: 0045 5013 8202

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Ninna Bohn Pedersen

Creative project development

Ninna is a video artist and her works have been shown across Europe and in America in exhibitions and film festivals including at Baltic 39, Newcastle UK, at W139, Amsterdam and Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival. She holds an MA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art in London. She is an Associate Lecturer at London College of Communication teaching documentary production and film history since 2005.

Tel.: 0045 3014 3409

Merete Lundbye Møller

Chair Woman of the board

Merete is a business lawyer with many years of experience from Gorrisen Federspiel Kierkegaard, Danfoss A/S and Vækstfonden. Since 2007 Merete has worked as partner and “Head of legal” at Sunstone Capital, a Nordic venture capital fund investing in innovative businesses within Life Science and Technology.
Merete has lived and worked in Aarhus and New York, and is now based in Copenhagen. She’s a skilled drummer, and has played in various bands in both Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Åsa Mossberg

Board member 

Åsa is a film editor, she graduated from the Danish Film School in 1997, and has become one of Denmark´s most trusted and innovative contributors to film making. For Bullitt Åsa has edited “Nobody Passes Perfectly” and "Turning". Some of Åsa’s recent work includes "Beyond" and "Finnish Blood Swedish Heart". She was a Co-editor on “Anticrist” and edited Pernille Fischer Christensens ”A Soap”, that won the Silver Bear in Berlin'06, and a Robert for best editing in 2006.


Tanja Wol Sørensen

Tanja is a filmmaker and visual anthropologist, born in Seoul, South Korea. She holds an MA in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester (2012) and an MA in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen (2014).
As a director she has completed the short documentary Moving Target with support from the Filmworkshop, which premiered and was in competition at HOTDOCS 2016. In her current film work she continues to work with themes concerned with family structures, separation and the human aspects of political conflict.

Vibe Mogensen

Vibe graduated as a director of documentaries from the National Film school in 1994. After graduating she made a number of documentaries for television, DR and TV2 as well as  theatrical release. In 2005 she directed the personal film 'Min fars sind', about her father's mental illness. Besides making films, she was the leader of the Medieskolen between 2005 - 2018, a school for young people, who have fallen outside of the national school system. She has also taught on the Danish National Filmschool and the several production schools. Her most recent project, is a documentary about those who care for adult children with a mental health diagnosis.

Max Kestner

Max graduated as documentarist from The National Film School of Denmark in 1997.  After his graduation, Kestner worked for the national broadcaster DR. In 2004 he was behind the documentary series 'Blue Collar, White Christmas', which was selected for Karlovy Vary and Chicago Film Festival. The same year, he directed the short documentary 'Max by Chance', which was selected for IDFA and earned him an honorable mention at CPH:DOX. In 2008, Kestner received a Danish Robert for the short documentary 'The World in Denmark' (2007). His films 'Dreams in Copenhagen' (2009) and 'I am Fiction' (2012)  have all been selected for a number of international festivals. In 2017, Kestner directed his first feature film, 'QEDA', which received a Danish Bodil for its production design. Kestner received the Dreyer Award in 2005 and the Roos Award in 2019.

Karen Stokkendal Poulsen

Karen is a documentary filmmaker. She graduated with a Master of Arts in “Screen Documentary” from Goldsmiths College, London, in 2008. In addition to her work as a director, Karen has an educational background in Political Science, in which she holds a bachelor’s and Masters degree from the University of Copenhagen. Parallel with her studies she has worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has lectured a course in International Relations at the University of Copenhagen.
Her documentary the Agreement was selected for competition at CPH:DOX 2013 and for the Dragon award at Göteborg International Film Festival, the human rights festival and many more.

Mette Carla Albrechtsen

Mette Carla graduated in ’09 from the National Film School of Denmark as documentary director, primarily working with concepts and studio technique. Her diploma film, “XY anatomy of a Boy”, has been screened on festivals all over the world and recently at the Queens museum of art in NY. Before attending film school, she was studying graphic design and art direction at the graphics design arts institute in Copenhagen. She won Nordic Talent 2011 with co-director Lea-Glob for the project Human Female Sexuality. In 2012 Mette Carla and director Tine Katinka Jensen collaborated in the making of the documentary " Wild Girls" produced by Bullitt film.

Mads Kamp Thulstrup

Mads is a Danish director, known for directing several episodes of the award winning and internationally acclaimed Danish TV-series "Bedrag / Follow the Money" (2015-16) and "Arvingerne / The Legacy" (2014). Prior to that Mads directed two episodes of the Emmy award winning TV-series "Livvagterne / The Protectors" (2009). His first feature, the documentary "... Og det var Danmark / Danish Dynamite" (2008) won the prestigious award "Best Feature-length Documentary" at Copenhagen International Documentary Festival CPH:DOX in 2008. The film opened in as many as 80 theatres across Denmark on May 9th 2008, an unbeaten record for a documentary film. Mads graduated from the National Film School of Denmark as a director in 2005. He was born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1975.

Hind Bensari

Born in 1987 in Casablanca, Hind quit her job as Business Development Manager of a media fund in London to produce and direct her first documentary "475: Break the Silence" released in May 2013 in Morocco. Self-taught, she launched a crowd-funding and social media campaign to raise awareness on the practice of marrying young girls to their rapist and put together a team to shoot around Morocco and ask the question "how have we come to believe that marriage could be a just reparation to rape?" as the premise of the documentary.
Currently she is working on a documentary project "Weight Throwers" for Bullitt about a Moroccan Paralympics team and their journey to Rio in 2016. The film is about friendship between the characters and their fight to belong in a society that closes its eyes to their existence.

Visit Hind's blog of curated documentaries and articles here

Marcus Lindeen

Marcus is an artist, writer and director. He studied directing at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm and made his debut with Regretters, both a theater play and a documentary film about two Swedish men who change their sex twice. In 2011 his second film Accidentes Gloriosos premiered at The Venice Film Festival and won the prize for best medium-length film in the Orizzonti section. Then he proceeded to write two plays The Archive of Unrealized Dreams and Visions, A Generation Lost (2013), and a performance Wild Minds. His latest film, The Raft, premiered at CPH:DOX film festival in Copenhagen where it picked up the main award.

Sophia Jacques

Production Manager

Sophia is a director and photographer. After traveling big parts of the world she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Directing from EICAR - The International Film School of Paris. With her background in contemporary dance and street photography she mixes the two elements in her story telling. Her graduation film won The Albert R. Broccoli Award for Best Student Film 2013. She has directed and produced short films, music videos and commercials. She is also one of the creators of 'Souffle Collectif', a Paris-based creative association that holds film screenings to promote the work of new aspiring film makers.

Cille Hannibal

Cille started her career as a student at the Danish School of Journalism and in 2013 she finished as a documentary director from the National Filmschool of Denmark. Her graduation film “2.7” was screened at several International festivals including Nordisk Panorama in the category “New Nordic Voices”. In 2013/14 she made the film “Enniberg” in collaboration with Per Folkver, which was nominated for Danish Press Photo of the year. Her repetoire also contains tv-documentaries produced for Danish TV2, commercials for Adidas as well as music-videos for several Danish artist.
Cille is currently finishing a documentary-film about grief. The film is supported by New Danish Screen and is expected to be finished in the fall of 2017.

Ida Grøn

Ida has a background from National Film and Television School in England (2009) and holds a BA in Art-history from Copenhagen University (2006). Ida's documentaries have been broadcasted nationally and internationally on various TV-stations, amongst others DR2, TV2, Arte and AL Jazeera English. Her mid-length award-winning documentary The Kid and the Clown (Final Cut For Real, 2011) was shown at IDFA, Hot Docs, Krakow Film Festival and Al Jazeera Documentary Festival amongst other festivals, and won 5 international awards. Her video art has been exhibited at the Danish National Gallery and she is the co-founder of the Danish artist/curator group Tagging Art. She worked as a producer/director/editor for the independent artist driven TV collective TV-TV in Copenhagen and continues to works as a freelance TV-journalist.

Inuk Silis Høegh

Inuk is a Greenladic artist and filmmaker. In 1997 he graduated from the University of Bristol with a Master of arts in Film and TV production and in 2010 he graduated as an artist from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His documentary "Eskimo Weekend" from 2002, followed a Greenlandic rock band over a weekend, and has been credited for challenging the stereotypes about Inuit People. In 2013 he made a gigantic iceberg, an art installation called Iluliaq installed in the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Canada. His newly released documentary, "Sumé: Sounds of a revolution" from 2014 is the story of the ground-breaking Greenlandic rock band Sumé, that expressed the soul and frustration of their country in the native language. This first international feature documentary film from Greenland, became a smashing hit in Greenland and also in Denmark it swept everyone away.

Ditte Haarløv Andersen

Ditte grew up in Maputo, Mozambique, and moved to Denmark as a teenager, where she graduated from the Danish Film School in 2007. Her film " One day", a portrait af a Nigerian prostitute in Copenhagen, won several awards in Denmark and abroad. Ditte works with still photography alongside of her filmic body of work, and has exhibited her photographic work internationally.

Iben Haahr Andersen

With her background and rich experience as a sound designer for film production, Iben started her career as a film director 12 years ago. “Xenia - Confessions of a truck driver” is the last part of her documentary trilogy about seniors with an enormous and bold capacity for radical change. She has previously directed awardwinning films such as “Hello, my name is Lesbian” and “My Love”.

Saskia Bisp

Saskia graduated from the documentary department at the Danish Film School in 2003 with theexperimental and provoking film “Anger”. Since then Saskia has lived and worked professionallywith film and TV internationally, and not least in New York, El Salvador and Cairo. With Bullitt Film Saskia made her latest film “Nobody Passes Perfectly”, a subtle and thought evoking film about gender and the courage to be oneself. It won the Audience Award at the Copenhagen International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2009 and Saskia has been travelling, discussing the film at festivals all over the world.

Joanna Rubin Dranger

Joanna refers to herself as a “graphic storyteller” because she works with both words and illustrations. She made her debut as a director of “Miss Remarkable and Her Career” which is an extraordinary graphic animation, based on the graphic novel of the same name, also drawn and written by Joanna.The film has so far received four different prizes and a lot of fantastic reviews and is made as a coproduction between Lisbet Gabrielsson Film, A Man and Ink and Bullitt Film. Joanna has received plenty of prestigious prizes for both her novels and her work as an illustrator and is also teaching in “graphic storytelling” at the “School of Fine Arts” in Stockholm.

Morten Krøgholt

Morten is a documentary filmmaker with years of experience within factual programming and documentary filmmaking. He graduated from the Danish School of Journalism and worked initially as a reporter and journalist for DR and TV2. Since 2001 he has solely been producing and directing films as a freelance director.

Charles Atlas

New York-based video artist and film maker Charles is known for his long-term collaboration with choreographer Merce Cunningham. Together the two have explored the space and opportunities that film and video can give movement and dance in a thrilling body of work that constitutes ground-breaking ways into the synthesis of dance and film. Charles has been collaborating with amazing performers such as Michael Clark, Douglas Dunn, Leigh Bowery, Marina Abramovic and Antony. He has been exhibited at the New Museum, New York and Tate Gallery in London and many other places worldwide.

Tine Katinka Jensen

Tine passed away in 2015 after battling cancer for many years. She was core to the establishment of Bullitt Film and she directed two films with us: ”Solange on Love” that won Best Danish Documentary at CPH:DOX in 2008, and “Wild Girls” in 2013 that shed light on marginalized teenage girls and instigated a much needed debate in Denmark on the subject.
Tine graduated from the Danish Film School in 2005 with the prominent portrait film “Angie”. Alongside her work with creative documentary, she made television series especially for a young audience. During her first period of illness she directed “Tine´s Film” in collaboration with her husband Poul Berg. During her many years with severe illness she became a treasured speaker at conferences about quality of life. You can see her moving and powerful films here on the site. We miss her very much.