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  • THE NIGHT WE FELL nominated for the Danish Film Academy Award

    We are proud to announce that our film THE NIGHT WE FELL is nominated for the Danish Film Academy Award, the Robert Award, in the category Best Documentary along with four other films. The Robert Awards has been honouring the best of Danish Film & TV since 1984, and this year’s winners will be presented at a ceremony on Feb 3 at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center.

  • Bullitt Film 10 year anniversary

    The Danish Film Institute interviewed Vibeke Vogel for the 10 year anniversary of Bullitt Film - read it here

  • Fatamorgana Summer Exhibtion 2017

    Bullitt Film is a proud sponsor of the summer exhibition 2017 of Copenhagen based photography school Fatamorgana. For this occassion we have curated the online exhibition of our favourite photographs. Click here to see the selection

  • Days of Hope - screening on Witness - Al Jazeera

    We are proud to say that Days of Hope will broadcast on Witness - Al Jazeera on the 24th of June (this Wednesday) at 9pm UK time. We want to thank our talented director Ditte Haarløv Johnsen, and our sales agent Journeyman Pictures!


    SUME - lyden af en revolution udvalgt til BERLIN 2015!

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In London on Friday? Please join us for this unique event!

Bertha Doc House, the UK´s First Documentary Cinema, shows “On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship”, the inside story about Myanmar´s intense and deeply troubled progress towards a new political reality.

After releasing Aung San Suu Kyi at the end of 2010, the Myanmar military installed a so-called civilian democracy, transforming its appearance in the eyes of the international community.

Screening starts at 18.30 and is followed by a Q & A with film director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen and Sir Robert Cooper, diving into a special look at the dynamics of power and challenge in a country that opened up after 50 years in isolation.
So proud! We Could Be Heroes won yet another award: The jurys coup de coeur Award at the Oukacha Film Festival.
Oukacha is probably the most known prison in Morocco. This prize was awarded to us by a jury consisting of 5 young inmates in the prison. We are honored.
Vores københavnske speedway engle til premieren på Kongernes Fald i mandags
Last call to catch 🇲🇲On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship🇲🇲 at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

Heres a picture from last weeks International Premiere Q&A with Director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen
In a few hours, 🇲🇲ON THE INSIDE🇲🇲 will have its International Premiere at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, with Director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen and Producer Vibeke Vogel

You might get🤞 lucky🤞 with Rush Tickets at TIFF Bell Lightbox 4 from 7:15PM 😉

Other screenings 👉


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As with the others who have already asked and received replies, I would also love to see this with English subtitles. But heck it looks so good, I’d watch it anyway even without being able to understand a word of Danish! Looks very cool indeed.

A while ago I was contacted by the Yorkshire Film Archive who had film I had made of the 1985 World Final online. Apparently Bullitt Films were wanting to have some footage featured in the movie now released. I was more than happy to agree. Will I be able to be sent a disc of the finished product?

Please please please release this with English subtitles.

Bent Hyldahl

Ulrich østergaard have you or anyone you know seen this yet? Is it any good?

Poul Dalby Ronnie Christan Marinus

Julie Marie Svaneholm

Anja Nagel

Polish or English subtitles ?

Sofie Lindegaard den skal vi satme ind og se skat!!🤘❤❤

Helge Hansen vi skal i biffen til juni

Oliver Holdgaard Thrane Søren Henrik Thrane

Please release with English Subtitles - These guys were true heroes of our sport and much loved during their racing careers in England.

Lotte Benberg Eliasen Leif Eliasen Stig Dietz-Olsen

Kapu Clemens

Oliver Høhrmann Poulsen

Den skal vi da se Mille Paepke Jørgensen og Tonny Paepke Jørgensen

Gry Andreasen

Rasmus Jensen vi skal i biffen

Heidi Petersen

Dennis Graakjær den bliver man da nødt til at se.

Lars Krogh

Thomas Nøttrup😘

Kevin R Pedersen skal vi ind og se den??

Helle Olsen

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⭐️On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship is coming to Toronto!⭐️

Dir. Karen Stokkendal Poulsen and Prod. Vibeke Vogel will be there for the films International Premiere!

So grateful to be selected for Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festivals International Spectrum, YAY! 🤞🏆



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Lies and propaganda. The ruling class controls Govt. Presidents and Primes are puppets. Govts are all connected. We live in a cult controlled by corporations and religion. The word Satanic would fit properly. If there is still a 3rd world country it’s because it’s designed that way.


So freaking proud of our team this week! 
Here Director Sophia Jacques is pitching her wonderful short film project #BlindeOrd at #DRTalentPris and Producer Rikke Tambo Andersen is presenting an upcoming interactive project at #CPHLAB

Vi Image attachment
A full house at Cinemateket and an engaging debate moderated by journalist Mads Ellesøe, with Burmese journalists and political activists Moe Thway and Aye Lae, journalist and author Mette Holm, former President of the UN General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft, and director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen. 

We couldnt dream of a better second screening for Karens film 🇲🇲 On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship 🇲🇲

Thank you
What a magical ⭐️World Premiere⭐️ of  🇲🇲On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship🇲🇲 last Sunday.

Thank you Tine Fischer for such a powerful introduction. Thank you to Lene Johansen for being a wonderful Q&A host. Thank you to the whole team Karen Stokkendal Poulsen, Vibeke Vogel, Valérie Montmartin, Moe Thway, Aye Lae, Joshua Min Htut, Raph Pelissou, Sophia Jacques, Rikke Tambo Andersen, Sturla Brandth Grøvlen Troels Rasmus Jensen, Talib Rasmussen, Giles Gardner, Uno Helmersson, Peter Albrechtsen, Anders Vadgaard Christensen, Anna Krasztev-Kovacs, Line Bilenberg and everyone who joined us and made this screening wonderful!

#CPHDOX #LittleBigStory #ArteFrance #Avidia #KongGulerodFilm #CNC #DetDanskFilminstitut #DRtv #NordiskFilmogTVFond #CreativeEuropeMEDIA #Danida #SVT #RTS #Vpro #NRK

Photo credit: Valérie Montmartin


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And a big thank you to @Katrine Sommer Boysen for your help and support <3

proud to collaborate with youon such a wonderfull film !

Little Big Story

Such a powerful moment!


Director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen will be giving two interviews on national tv tonight, about the making of 🇲🇲 On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship 🇲🇲  

-> 7:30pm on TV 2s Udenrigsmagasin 
-> 10:30pm on Deadline - DR

Discover the film and meet Karen at screenings, Q&As and debates at CPH:DOX 2019.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Why didn't you fact check the film after making it?

Så flot og godt ❤️

No rest for the wicked!
Even in the middle of the CPH:DOX whirlwind, Bullitt Film bees keep on buzzing! 

Here at SdiMedia, Sound designer / Composer Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen and Sound designer Jacques Pedersen are putting the final touches to Director Mads Kamp Thulstrups upcoming film 🏆🏍 FALL OF THE KINGS 🏍🏆 about Danish speedway legends! Stay tuned...

Join us @CPH:DOX for screenings, Q&As and debates!


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Ville ønske jeg kunne komme - må se den til Aarhus-premieren!

Great poster!

Great poster!

Video image


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Awesome article in Politiken today about our new film *On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship!*

The film is in competition for CPH:DOX s Dox:Award!

Director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen guides us through the dark maze that is the political transition in Myanmar, and Aung San Suu Kyis demise from political dissident and international democracy icon, to ruthless leader entangled with the military. 

Read here:
Vi er stolte af at være nomineret til Robert prisen med denne smukke og vigtige film Den nat vi faldt. Tillykke til alle de nominerede film!
Almost the whole team present at the screening of We Could Be Heroes at the Festival International du Film de Marrakech 2018.  #AzzedineNouri #YoussefOuaddali #reallifeheroes
Den nat Den nat vi faldt er netop kommet på DVD... Køb den på vores hjemmeside til dig selv eller du holder af i julegave.
Lioumness talks to We Could Be Heroess director Hind Bensari about the film being the first Morrocan documentary film winning the Grand Prize for Best International Documentary at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival  and being short listed for a nomination at the Oscars. They write Mixing poetry and politics, We Could Be Heroes is a tender trip to the heart of what unites us all: Hope Read the interview with Hind Bensari, here: (its in French)
The Raft wins a Silver Hugo Award in the Documentary Competition at the Chicago International Film Festival!!!

Marcus Lindeen
Erik Gandini
Vibeke Vogel
Simone Grau Roney
Alexandra Strauss
Hans Møller
Mainstream ApS
Rikke Tambo Andersen
Det Danske Filminstitut


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Congrats! I believe it won't be the only award for The Raft. Will it be shown in France?


The Raft screenings at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festivals Doc Soup the 7th and 8th of November. Buy your ticket in the link !
If youre in Paris next Saturday 27th of October, The Raft is having its French Premiere during the Pariscience Science Film Festival 2018. The premiere is at 20H15 at the La Grande Gallerie De L Evolution. Reserve your seat here:


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Excellent work! Hot Docs Canada is a great supporter of documentary film. Love how well you are doing on the circuit with this fascinating film.

Stay Behind - min farfars hemmelige krig is selected for Aesthetica Short Film Festivals Official Documentary Feature Section!! The film will be screened on the 7th of November at 19h30 at the York Theatre Royal, in York, UK. Were very excited to see this film travel its way around the world.  

Check out the festivals programme here:

Ida Grøn
Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Vibeke Vogel
GotFat Productions
Thor Hampus Bank
Emil Johnsen
Anders Villadsen
Rikke Tambo Andersen
Ninna Bohn Pedersen
Rise and Shine World Sales
Danish Film Institute
DR2 Dokumania
Nordisk Film & TV Fond


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Heja! lycka till

Et smukt mislykket experiment ! Interessant og øjenåbnende ! Flot fortalt dokumentar... Opløftende for menneskeheden ! Mange flotte ord omkring The Raft. Vi er stolte af, at være en del af denne smukke film og rejse.

Marcus Lindeen
Vibeke Vogel
Erik Gandini
Danish Film Institute
DR2 Dokumania
Anders Bruus
Charlottenborg Palace
Irene Campolmi
Cecilia Lidin
Klara Grunning
Niklas K. Engstrøm
Mads B. Mikkelsen
Katrine Sommer Boysen
Mainstream ApS
Jesper Osmund
Flemming Hedegaard
Svensk film
Film i Väst
Motto Pictures
Hans Møller
Tina Í Dali Wagner
Ane Mandrup
Anne Marie Kürstein
Line Bilenberg
Mira Bach Hansen
Rikke Tambo Andersen
Filmmagasinet Ekko
Copenhagen Culture
Filmselskabet på DR K
Marcus Lindeen fortæller om The Raft i Go’ Morgen Danmark lige nu. Filmen har præmiere på DOXBiO i aften i Grand Teatret kl 19h. Køb jeres billet her: attachment


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Skal den ikke i Øst For Paradis? 🧐

Glædelig sommer derude! Her kommer lige en god nyhed. Sæt kryds i kalenderen X! For fra d. 5. september kan vores film THE RAFT, som vandt hovedprisen på dette års CPH:DOX nemlig ses i DOX:BIO. Vi ses og vi glæder os
Our amazing producer Rikke Tambo is a part of the EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) Producers Workshop 2018 - one of the leading training and development providers for producers in Europe. Were so excited to follow this fiery souls journey


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Go Rikke Tambo Andersen!!!

Video image


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Soren Hjorth Anita Hjorth Lerche

Welfi Kharroubi Hahaha zamma ntfarJouu fyh ?

Så er det i aften du kan se den smukke og rørende debut film, af Cille Hannibal - DEN NAT VI FALDT - på DRK kl. 22.30. 
Filmen blev den 4. mest sete film på CPH:DOX, og kunne bl.a. opleves på CPH:MEETINGS under CPH:DOX, hvor sorg blev sat på dagsordenen, sammen med flere aktører som Naja Marie Aidt og Anne Lise Marstrand. 
Filmen er en smuk og rørende film, om at miste og om at finde kærligheden igen. 

Vi ses på DRK kl. 22.30
WE WON THE DOX AWARD!!!! Thank you CPH:DOX! THE RAFT 🌟💪🏻🌈✨🥂 #cphdox2018 #bullittfilm #fasad #theraft


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Stor nyhet på radion här i Sverige. Stort grattis!

Grattis kära kusin!

Hurra! Tillykke!! 😀

Tillykke!!!!! Fantastisk!!

Tillykke! 😀

Vebekæææ! Tillykke❤️❤️❤️

Yaaaaaay! Amazing!

Hurraaaaaaaaa og tillykke!! En fantastisk film!!!

Sådan - tillykke!

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We are SO proud! Its now official that WE COULD BE HEROES by Moroccan Director Hind Bensari, is having its World Premiere at Hot Docs 2018. The film is nominated for Best International Documentary and Audience Award. Hind is also nominated for Emerging Director Award. 

In the run-up to the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, Azzedine Nouiri, the world champion in seated shot put, inspires his childhood friend Youssef to take on the challenge of qualifying to the Games despite their lack of means and formal training. Through their unique friendship, We Could Be Heroes narrates the struggles of outcasts longing to conquer the extraordinary in order to finally have the same rights and opportunities as ordinary people at home, in Morocco.

Bullitt Film
Cinetelefilms Prod
Doha Film Institute
IMS (International Media Support)
Creative Europe Desk Danmark
Filmværkstedet / København
SANAD Film Fund
برنامج الشراكة الدنماركية العربية    Danish- Arab Partnership Programme
Danish Film Institute
Kong Gulerod Film


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Alleeeeez Hnida, fière de toi

Congratulations dearest Hind Bensari& Vibeke Vogel! Wishing you best of luck! 💕

Congratulation dear Hind!!! I remember the very first clips , and today a film in Hotdoc!!! Fantastic !!!❤️🥂

Génial! Bravo Hind👏👏


Congrats Hind Bensari!

Amazing Hindy! Congratulations!!

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We had a beautiful world premiere of THE RAFT at Grand Teatret this weekend. The films other screenings during the festival: 20/3 at Palads, 21/3 at Cinemateket and 24/3 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Get your tickets here:
The Raft - Visning på Charlottenborg
The Raft - Visning i Cinemateket
The Raft - Visning i Palads
If you missed Victoria Salomonsens screening of WE DANCE at Kunsthal Charlottenborg saturday, you can come tonight at the Cinemateket at watch CPH:DOXs filmprogram Danish Artists Film and Video // CPH:DOX 2018. 

Buy your ticket here:
The program will be screened on friday the 23rd at the Cinemateket
Were excited to present WE DANCE by debuting director & artist Victoria Salomonsen. The film will be a part of the filmprogram Danish Artists Film and Video // CPH:DOX 2018 and screened at The xx I See You Party // CPH:DOX 2018 (Sold out) at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Get your tickets here:
CPH:DOX Festival Direktør Tine Fischer anbefaler The Raft - En film man absolut ikke må misse. Køb din billet her:
Video image


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1 years ago

Bullitt Film

"The Raft" is nominated for a Dox:Award 2018 at CPH:DOX! We're very proud to be a part of this journey. This amazing film is directed by Marcus Lindeen, produced by Erik Gandini, Fasad Production and co-produced by Vibeke Vogel, Bullitt Film, Sveriges Television and Film i Väst.

Danish Film Institute
Mainstream ApS
Hans Møller
Diana Querios
Rikke Tambo Andersen
Line Bilenberg
Katrina Schelin
Mira Bach Hansen

Her er vores bud på årets bedste, internationale dokumentarfilm! Se de nominerede film i Dox:Award 2018 hos Filmmagasinet Ekko →

De nominerede film udmærker sig ved et stærkt, personligt udtryk, ved deres filmiske kvaliteter, og ved at insistere på dokumentarfilmens plads i biografmørket. Og så er det ikke mindst film, der udvider mediets muligheder for at forholde sig til virkeligheden udenfor.

Dox:Award-nomineringerne tæller bl.a. danske ‘Lost Warrior’ og ‘The Great Game’, samt på premierer på nye film af internationale auteurs som Peter Mettler, Robert Greene og Marcus Lindeen. De 12 film fordeler sig på otte verdenspremierer og fire internationale premierer.

Spilletider, billetsalg og mere information finder du fra i morgen klokken 12!


Here is our bid of this year’s best international documentary films! Check out the nominated films for Dox:Award 2018 on our website →

The nominees are characterised by a strong, personal expression, by their cinematic qualities and by insisting on the documentary’s place on the big screen. And they are also films that expand the way that contemporary documentary relates to reality.

The Dox:Award-nominees are among others, the Danish ‘Lost Warrior’ and ‘The Great Game’, as well as premieres of new films by international auteurs as Peter Mettler, Robert Greene og Marcus Lindeen. The 12 films consist of eight World Premieres and four International Premieres.

You will find screening times, ticket sales and more information tomorrow at 12!
... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Bullitt Film

We're proud to announce that our film "The Night We Fell" is nominated for a Nordic:Dox Award 2018 at CPH:DOX. The Film is directed by Cille Hannibal and produced by Rikke Tambo Andersen. This beautiful film lays close to our hearts portraying a relation between a mother, who just lost her life companion and her daughter, who lost her stepfather and mentor. The film documents how they deal with the grief and how their relationship is changing in the emptiness he left behind.

Frigge Fri
Cathrine Ambus
Signe Lykke
Sune Kaarsberg
Nicolai Howalt
Michael Madsen
Vibeke Vogel
New Danish Screen

De bedste nordiske dokumentarer er nomineret til Nordic:Dox Award 2018! —>

Vind to billetter til en valgfri film i konkurrencen - kommenter hvem du vil have med for at deltage. Vi trækker en vinder fredag!

Her kan du blandt andet opleve tre nye danske film: 'Bad Circumstances' af Max Kestner, 'Lykkelænder' af Lasse Lau og ‘Den Nat Vi Faldt’ af Cille Hannibal.

De nominerede film til Nordic:Dox Award 2018 udgør nemlig et nøje udvalg af de bedste film fra hele Norden. Udvalget afspejler diversiteten og ambitionsniveauet i den nordiske dokumentar. Ikke mindst kunstnerisk i film, der har en klar vision og et personligt præg – netop på dét punkt hvor den nordiske dokumentar i disse år markerer sig på den internationale filmscene.

Psst: Frem til CPH:DOX Launch // Award winning 'The Work', concert & dj's på fredag annoncerer vi hver dag de nominerede film i konkurrence - det er også her, billetsalget åbner til hele programmet.


Explore the best nordic documentaries nominated for the Nordic:Dox Award 2018! —>

Win two tickets for a film of your choice - tag your most film loving friend who you'd want to take along to a screening and join the competition that ends Friday!

The nominated films for Nordic:Dox Award 2018 represents a careful selection of the best films from the Nordic countries. The selection reflects the diversity and level of artistic ambition in the North in films with a clear vision and a personal touch. The competition ranges from the poetic to the political, putting the viewer in an active and critical position. Many of the films are made by young directors with a fresh vision and the courage to experiment.

Tickets will go on sale February 16. Stay tuned; in the following days up to the launch on Friday 16 we’ll announce the nominated films in all of this year’s competitions!
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